Cloud P.M.S. HotelSilverlight, Innovative Features

1. First Feature: (Online program management)

After filling in the online demo application form, demo will be prepared on the server of your hotel within a few minutes, the user information is sent to you by e-mail.
15-day free trial period is given to try out the program, you can quickly save the records of your hotel room, you can edit your information in minimum sizes. You can try this program on the same parallel with the program that you are using for 15 days at no cost to you.
If you decide to use HotelSilverlight, you can continue to use it on the login transactions made.
Live Support is available on live support line while using the program or you can write the subjects you want to ask.
Use this opportunity to switch the first hotel program of the world written with Silverlight technology.
Note: No payments will be asked from you for trial period of 15 days.

2. Second Feature: (Training support with video)

It is possible to use the program by watching some parts of the videos prepared to use HotelSilverlight and with the little help you can get from live support. There is no need for special courses to use HotelSilverlight. A large part of the users who watch the program videos during our application test could use the majority of the program within a few hours.

3. Third Feature: (Easy to adapt, simple to use and enjoyable)

It is easy to use even in the smallest boutique hotels, it is fast and easy to make reservations between any time period by clicking with your mouse or by touching (for touch screens); it is also equally easy and enjoyable to put the same guest into the check-in box by dragging the same reservation on the room. It is conveniently easy to put the same guest into the check out box by dragging again. All these operations can be made within seconds.

It would be more advantageous to use the program without entering into too much detail for small hotels.

Besides, HotelSilverlight is designed to meet the needs of the largest hotels easily. It is possible to enter the most subtle details of the program and manage it with the admin panel with detailed features. HotelSilverlight having the advanced calculations in terms the package / payment account details can make even the most complex calculations very easily. When you start to use HotelSilverlight program, get ready to see the majority of the details you have looked for or dreamt of.

4. Fourth Feature: (Educative multi-language assistance)

The program is designed at an international level, and it is written English-based. It is designed on multi-lingual assistance considering the possibility of using it in more than one language in the same hotel. It can be used with multiple languages in the same hotel. (User optional) When the hotel program is used in English language, the hotel user can get toolTip help support in Turkish or when the program is used in Turkish Language, the hotel user can get toolTip help support in English. It is possible to use the program in multiple foreign languages at the same time. Considering Tooltip feature teaches approximately 600 words, it brings another privilege to its customers in terms of its being innovative and educative. You can take instant print outs used in the program by translating them all into Turkish or English languages. Live the privilege of preparing documents in English for foreign guests, and in Turkish for Turkish guests.

5. Fifth Feature: (Web-based Silverlight technology)

This product written in Silverlight technology is considered to be the end point of computer software technology. It allows a visual interface of a high degree for Microsoft Windows programs. For this reason, it could be called as the future of programming technology.

HotelSilverlight with a number of new features also provides invaluable modules to enlarge your domain and to increase your booking income directly in a more efficient way. As a complete Hotel Management System, HotelSilverlight includes main hotel management tasks both to streamline internal operations and extend your organization to bring higher income.

6. Sixth Feature: (SaaS) software as a service

Software as a service (SaaS), is a software application distribution model based on hosting a web-based software as a center and processing to serve it to the users. Clients pay only per use without paying to own the software so it does not have any cost in advance. Service given from a single center is always cheaper and more qualified.

Especially in developed countries such as America, hotel programs are now being used on web. You need neither pay hidden charges nor infrastructure. No extra payment is asked for SQL, ORACLE, and other application software.

7. Seventh Feature: (Mobile internet access)

HotelSilverlight allows the opportunity of mobile application. You can easily use HotelSilverlight from home, car or outside of the country. Enjoy wireless use anywhere in the hotel with your laptop or tablet computers, manage housekeeping, distant points of sales through the internet.

If Internet connection is still not safe and secure for you, what can be done?

It is important to examine new technologies on this issue.

  • Fibre Internet is the world's fastest Internet access technology.
    You can share even the largest files within seconds by means of fiber internet speed offered in just a few countries in the world.

While ADSL and VDSL try to connect to the Internet via old telephone cables, fiber internet connects the internet via fiber optic cables through which the rays pass. Fiber is a service which enables to access internet of very high-speed broadband. In its Infrastructure, fiber optic cables are used. Fiber optic cables, differently from copper cables, transfer information not by electrical signals but rays. So, It transfers more information, at much higher speeds, to very long distances without interruption. Your internet connection will work at the speed of light by means of fiber internet service which can reach 1000 Mb per second.

  • It is also possible to use the Internet without interruption by means of a USB modem support with USB input. You can easily connect the internet at 3G speed anywhere without interruption by means of this device installed in USB input of your laptop or desktop.

8. Eighth Feature: (Economical pricing)

Pricing Policy;

There are many options you can prefer such as plan per night per occupied rooms, monthly plan per room, pay at one time by number of rooms, free of charge use without paying for vacant rooms, custom installation on your own server.

9. Ninth Feature: (online booking through your available website)

You will have a great booking program and you will use this unique program in terms of design on your hotel's web page, you will increase the sales and reputation of your institution by means of this program with many features such as guest reservations, agent and contracted customer booking operations, weather conditions, information on your hotel's activities, information about the hotel's facilities, photo gallery introducing your hotel and developed map program showing the location of your hotel.

"The reservations made using the HotelBooking software can be viewed from the front desk screen instantly without using any other interface.”
"HotelSilverlight is among a few web-based software programs applied in the world with this innovation.”

10. Tenth Feature: (7/24 live support)

7/24 live support service to assist you and to answer your questions while using the program at any time.

Knowledge and technical enhancements of our support teams are planned so as to keep the highest level of communication and access. We behave keeping in mind the importance of continuity for the hospitality sector, our principle of being reached and providing the correct solution as soon as possible creates the basis of our notion of service.