Hotel Property Management, Key Features

  • To able to choose according to room amenities,
  • To question rooms instantly in the desired block, floor, or various room features,
  • To categorize the rooms on gender based as men's room, women's room and so on.
  • Instantly question connection rooms,
  • Monitoring instant room availability, housekeeping status
  • When requested, invalidate the room price / packages (validity days),
  • Real-time (statistic snapshot) statement of financial position,

Price management

  • Special pricing for holidays, weekends or short-term periods of activity,
  • Personalized functions for certain activity periods,
  • Price fixing for packages or varying price options,
  • Special pricing for children and adults,
  • Determining paid/unpaid child policies,
  • Unlimited additional (add-ons) services,
  • Unlimited extra service services,
  • Surcharges for extra persons,
  • Multi-price support for a single stay,
  • Multi-currency support in agency contracted packages,

Yield management

  • You may want to apply a discount to the rooms in your hotel after a specific hour. Yield Management Program Module is a price management application working in Hotelsilverlight in order to organize the sales of the rooms more efficiently.
  • You can change the room prices according to the guest traffic whenever you want to. Hotelsilverlight controls and follows up the decided amounts of prices before the current hour according to your policies and directs your staff in accordance with your changeable price policy.

Booking management

  • Detailed room reservation record according to types of rooms,
  • Monitoring instant hotel occupancy status according rooms,
  • Available, reserved, checked-in, checked-out, block reservations for room status
  • Room availability inquiry, accommodation information based on multiple filter options.
  • Instant alerts in case of overbooking,
  • Overbooking için özel rezervasyon kayıtları yapabilme,
  • Making a special reservation records for overbooking,
  • Detailed notes like guest details, name, address, e-mail address, fax number, phone number, credit cards, preferences, welcoming, farewell demand and business follow-up,
  • Functional guest calling features,
  • Arranging the operations like early check-in, early check-out, late check-out according to the hotel policies.
  • Arranging the operations like no show, cancel according to hotel policies.,
  • Paid or free of charge applications for extra bed,
  • Group booking operations under single name.
  • Featured registrations identifying group leaders,
  • Guests query to arrive at the desired dates,
  • To arrange rules and deposit amounts taken for hotel reservations in accordance with hotel policy,
  • Reservation confirmation by e-mail or fax,

Online booking

  • Web booking module working integrated for Hotel website,
  • Web reservation operations for guests staying at the hotel,
  • Reservation operations for agency / corporate / groups,
  • Real-time room availability and price inquiry,
  • Instant confirmation of booking,
  • Price / package options according to the dates of accommodation,
  • Smart booking engine offering price / package based on the number of guests and number of rooms,
  • Automated guest accounting records,
  • Automatic e-mail confirmation with the booking details and policies,
  • Sales policy entrance in accordance with hotel policies,
  • Stopping or liming sales in the desired periods of time,


  • Adjustable price policy according to hotel policy in case of early check-in
  • Taking the photo of the guest instantly and to print it in check in form,
  • Follow-up of more than one guest for division of room charges,
  • Flexible-process control functions before night audit,
  • Automatic or manual room assignments for group check-in operations,
  • Providing contracted rooms price options,
  • Extending accommodation dates,
  • Making all kinds of arrangements on fees and commissions for the days to stay,
  • Additional (add-ons) and extra services entry,
  • Identification of spending limit for guests (pay terms),
  • Alerts for expected deposit amounts and collection recording operations,
  • Determining the type of check-in,
  • Categorizing the guests by instantly colorizing during check-in according to your wish,
  • Monitoring the guests’ gender / family / personal information with a photograph on the screen instantly,
  • Making collective check-in / adjustments of guests in-house,
  • Making all kinds of inquiry and grouping with functional operations.


  • Account / folios and billings that can be divided more than one.
  • Flexible folios arrangement for group rooms or room shares,
  • Unlimited functional operations in inter-room accounts / folios,
  • Automatic folio editing operations for the guests sharing the room and costs,
  • Flexible-process functions before night audit,
  • Check-out operations for any guest or guests in the room,
  • Check-out operations,
  • Group check-out operations,
  • Paying with more than one currency,
  • Safe opening, closing operations,
  • Billing,
  • Guest accounting,
  • Bulk posting entry (according to the ones sharing the room and costs),
  • Monitoring of accounts and posting records regularly every night,
  • Adjustable price policy according to hotel policy in case of late check-out,
  • Monitoring on the screen the guests to check out or check in on the same day,

Financial and business reports

  • Daily report and monthly summary,
  • Availability of rooms reporting detailed latest status,
  • Room availability status,
  • Occupancy rate,
  • Made reservations, check in - check out status,
  • Accommodation period of guests,
  • Total room income,
  • TTotal money collected (cash, check, credit card, etc.),
  • Cancel / no show status,
  • Travel agency commissions,
  • Pos accounts


  • Entering check-in, check-out, occupied, vacancies, repair / maintenance, DNR / do not reserve status and notes assigned to the room in bulk or in groups,
  • Fast check in operations based on the room status,
  • Work transmission by grouping in housekeeping personnel and chefs,
  • Monitoring of the changes made on the front desk instantly,
  • Communication between the housekeeper and the front desk,
  • Lists according to the appointments made,
  • Daily task list for house keeper,

POS operations

    There are outstanding features in this program that is prepared by the unique features of Silverlight. You can use many advanced features in this program designed for the use of the touch screen.

  • Separate sections for the products designed for featured and regular products with and product screen that can be closed with a single keystroke if wanted.
  • Animated product settlements plan that can be arranged by the user according to the order of priority for sales,
  • Functional product entry screens designed on product selection with a single keypad, easy to use,
  • Arranging the settlement plans of restaurant and similar places in a very short time.
  • Settlement plan organizer that can be arranged by the user and can be used with the ready graphics for sales points like restaurant, etc. You can organize your drawings like room plan, restaurant plan, hotel plan and so on with colorful graphics by means of this program, and you can transfer them to the printer or files in desired format.
  • To see ordered the products on the screen, to cancel orders operations with a single keystroke.
  • Instant monitoring of the paid sales,
  • Instant monitoring of the guest folios,
  • Quick payment or transfer to guest room account with a single keystroke.
  • Monitoring the guest service package information and the services that are included in the package with a single keystroke,
  • Simple and quick use for easy access to information, product correction, addition, deletion operations,
  • Detailed inventory control of products.
  • Stock reduction operations of the sold product immediately.
  • Connecting prescriptions to the products (reduction follow-up of consumed sub-products)
  • Dynamic stock reduction for the products based on a prescription,
  • Detailed product information entry for stocked products,
  • Maximum, minimum product follow-up.
  • Product storage and shelf-registration entry,
  • Determining the shift hours for product sales.
  • Limiting the pieces of the product to be sold within the entered periods of time.
  • Entering products with barcode.

POS Inventory Check Operations

  • Supplier (Taking offers / Asking for Offers Operations)
  • Purchase – Order Operations
  • Supplier Material check in Operations
  • Creating products from the inventories entered
  • Instant inventory reduction in POS operations
  • Inventory check-in operations
  • Inventory check-out operations

Telephone switchboard interface

  • It instantly routes the guest telephone calls to accounting records.


  • Accounting operations,
  • Direct billing,
  • Agency / corporate information (mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number, the authorized Persons, packages, prices, etc.),
  • Contracts and liabilities,
  • Accounts receivable,
  • Accounts receivable,
  • Travel agency commission payments,

General operation

  • Audit trails records (what changed when), Operations to record the changes made on the program


  • Pos Settlement Plans, Hotel Management Plan and similar scheme drawing operations can be arranged simply with the help of the very easy operations
  • Arranging the graphical shapes simple with drop and drag technique
  • Snapshot grid adaptation, aligning and similar features
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete/Back Functions
  • Zum fonksiyonu ile mesafeyi ayarlayabilme
  • Snapshot grid adaptation, aligning and similar features
  • Graphic arrangement, colouring
  • Only read diagram features
  • Restore/Reload and XML, Bmp, Png and print out from the printer
  • Various mouse tool features
  • MVVM support

Survey Management

  • You can follow up the guest evaluations to check your hotel's prolificacy.
  • Survey management software module works integrated in HotelSilverlight.
  • In the case of activating this application an automatic survey mail is sent to your guests who checked out from your hotel.
  • It's usage is designed quite simple and won't exhaust your guests with it's enjoyable and short making. Surveys are completed and sent to the hotel's system.
  • Those evaluations are automatically calculated on the cloud system and viewed on the Hotelsilverlight.
  • There are different modules to have a detailed information of the guests' evaluations and to view them in the software.