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NCS Net Computer started its business life in Ankara in 1990 to meet the software needs of users in Turkey with products in world standards. NCS Net Computer, believing the necessity to specialize on the basis of the sector to produce high quality products, has concentrated on public and school sector as a result of surveys and researches and it has supplied with the following the products below on the market to meet the needs of these sectors by establishing agency structures in all the geographical regions of Turkey.

It started providing data processing services to carry out the service of publishing pay-rolls of schools and public institutions in 1990. For this purpose, Government Officers’ Payroll program package was written, it started to use the program in-house for the services of payroll pressing of schools and public institutions, in this sense it is one of those rare companies using the program written by itself.

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NCS Net Computer, has carried out the pressing services of payrolls for public institutions and it still continues to give support services. NCS Net Computer has introduced a product with a powerful sub-structure, and therefore it has prepared the largest payroll software package in Turkey. Government officers’ payroll of the same product for other government agencies (hospitals, health centres, judicial institutions, the Ministry of Public Works, Agriculture and Rural Affairs etc.) and contracted officers’ payroll versions for the contracted officers working in public institutions are prepared.

Robot Officer Program was written in 1991 and this program package was designed and served for the schools with the knowledge of the professional software team, experienced vice managers and paymasters.

Student Wages Account System that can work integrated was written for private schools and payroll program package was written for private education centres No. 625 and it is served for the use of private schools between 1991 and 1995. (While developing this product, experienced personnel in accounting services of private schools are utilized.)

In 1995, upon the demand from the schools, Classical School Management and Mixed School Management products are designed and written with the knowledge of experienced vice managers.

In 1997, Inventory Stock / Belongings program package is designed and written in scope of the experienced officers in the institutions and schools.

Hello School Program Package was written to let the parents learn student's grades and absences from the computer voice by means of telephone and it was served for the schools in 1998.

Employee Payroll Program Package was written for public institutions (hospitals, health centers, judicial institutions, the Ministry of Public Works, Agriculture and Rural Affairs etc.) and served to the market in 1999.

In 2000, TimeTable (Weekly Course Distribution) program was written and served for the schools.

Between the years of 2000 and 2009, technical services and supports for the new version software of the programs in this package are given.

Windows version of Student Wages Account System that can work as integrated was written and served for private schools. (While writing this product, the experiences of previous years and new applications were considered the program was updated with its every aspect.)

Our company giving software and support services to thousands of institutions in Turkey on school management projects, has ended sector-specific studies in this field due to e-Okul and Say2000 projects started by the government.

Our company has started to do researches to work in the new fields.

NCS Net Computer, has decided to invest in the hotel sector after researching about Hotel Management subject and examining the needs of the industry. It has started the analysis studies since 2010 and the latest technology products are searched and implemented to be used.

NCS Net Computer, generating the idea of what can be done differently than peers instead of producing what is already available, started its research in America, examined the management systems of various hotels in this country, made design studies in San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York and implemented a brand perspective to the program with the information gathered from Turkey hotels. SaaS system is decided after evaluating the new technologies used in the world and taking useful ideas from these systems, and web-based software studies started in this sense.

(Sofware as a Service - SaaS) :

Software as a service (Software as a Service - SaaS), is a software application distribution model based on hosting a web-based software as a center and processing to serve it to the users. Clients pay only per use without paying to own the software so it does not have any cost in advance.

This model is written with Microsoft Silverlight technology. The Project is named after Silverlight technology and it is developed and served as HotelSilverlight application.

Microsoft Silverlight, is a WPF-based (Windows Presentation Foundation) browser plugin providing the opportunities of animations for web applications, vector, 3D graphics and video playback facilities.

It allows a Visual interface of a high degree for Microsoft Windows programs. For this reason, it could be called as the future of programming technology.

We offer Silverlight technology with SaaS service of the future which has no other alternative in hotel industry as a package.

The program is written as English-based as the terms used in the hotel industry are mostly in English and at the same time it offers Turkish language assistance. Language assistance plans for other countries are being made.

NCS Net Computer is proud to offer HotelSilverlight with its experience of years and high quality, a perfect SaaS (software as a service) solution developed for the institutions who want to use the access feature in the most useful way possible to reduce the fixed costs and to be used everywhere every time.