Hotel Software, Payment And Folio Billing Videos

Payments and folio/ billing section is an innovative application with effective features that enables easy management of all your receivables. It allows unlimited foil, routing and charging for the guests in book or group reservations. You can always monitor current balances minute by minute and multiple payment options that you can choose to close them for your guests/ groups on payments screen.

01-How to set the terms of payment?
You can set the terms of payment as to be paid by the group owner (travel agency, individual or corporate customer) or the guest directly. Invoices / foils can arranged according to the payment conditions, it can increased by dividing the fees on behalf of the parties and if necessary minor adjustments can be made.

02-How to prepare folio / bill for group booking?
Folio accounts are created with drag and drop technique. HotelSilverlight foil creating has effective functions enabling you to transfer accounts between the rooms and the guests sharing a room and to create more than one foil with automatically divided payments.

03-How to forward pricing?
Thanks to more than one foil created in accordance with the terms of payment, the system allows you unlimited forwarding between the foil record and transfer the payments to the new foils you will choose.

04-How to close foils and why?
Folios can be edited until they are closed and discounts, transfers, dividing charges and adding new charges are allowed. This is a unique characteristic of HotelSilverlight, and it is the most effective way of managing the check-outs even in the most complex billing operations. Record can be closed after the payment of the account and it cannot be edited anymore and it becomes eligible for the accounts.

05-How to take the payments in a group?
HotelSilverlight allows you to take payments in more than one currency and in personalized margins according to your hotel policies with its currency conversion feature. Multiple payment type is available giving the opportunity to charge the cards without any problems while taking the payments including direct credit card payments.