Hotel Property Management, Purchasing Stock Transactions

01-How to do prepare tender and make selection of supliers
• Create a request number to prepare a letter of tender and the requested materials are entered and the letters are written.

02-How to do process of receiving tender and evaluation them 
• Incoming tenders, respective number of tender, prices of suppliers and the amounts are entered.

03-what conveniences offered by package such as the evaluate the price offer.
• After the prices and the amounts of the suppliers are entered, the program automatically selects the products of the sellers who give the most suitable price; any changes can be made if wanted. • Check the grouping features that will provide easiness to evaluate the offers.

04-How is prepared the tender 
• After the price offers are evaluated, the letter of order is prepared at the same time, it will be enough for you only to press print button.

05-Is there a way to enter the materials coming from the suppliers automatically? 
• Yes there is, the products of the request number appear on the screen in groups and it is done very fast.

06-What kind of operations can be performed for the materials that arrive incomplete from the suppliers? 
• If the products arrive in the number you want, you do not need to do anything. • If the product is incomplete, the program offers you two choices; you can either follow the operations of the remaining amount or you can cancel the remaining order. • You can take the list of the complete and incomplete purchased products at the same time.

07-How to make direct inventory entries?
• It is very easy to enter a material without depending on any operations by using the “Incoming Products” in the menu. The information of the material is entered and they are registered.

08How to make direct inventory checkout operations? 
• It is very easy to check out a material without depending on any operations by using the “Released Products” in the menu. The information of the material check out is entered and they are registered.

09-How to follow the wastage operations in the inventory checkout? 
• The product is checked out with “Released Products” on the menu. It is enough to choose the wastage group.

10-How to enter the inventory with a barcode?
• While defining the materials, the barcode number of the material is entered. • The barcode number read with the barcode reader is processed by the program fast and instantly.