Hospitality Solution, Cube Menu Videos

01-User login and Account opening
User name and password are entered for the use of the program, one of identified safes is chosen and opened.

02-Hotel activities
Hotel's daily, weekly, monthly and annual events are entered, with this program, where, when, what's going to happen is followed up.

03-Personnel scheduled tasks
Hotel staff follows when and what is to be done by means of program called scheduler prepared for all the staff.

04-Hotel photo gallery
Photos selected to advertise your hotel are published in this section.
It gives you an opportunity to promote your hotel to the guests or visitors at the front desk.

Tag the location of your hotel, examine or find an address in any part of the world, zoom in, get to know more about the country you want, take advantage, do not distress while guiding the guests, and describe addresses on touch screens.

06-Guests check-in/check-out information
It is used to track your hotel guests who check in or check out. Follow who has checked-in or checked-out with country information and pictures.