Cloud Based Property Management System, Season Detail Videos

01-How to make the definitions of the season for package
• Seasons and special period’s list definitions, characteristics of seasons, start and end dates are entered.

02-How to introduce the special periods for the package 
• While entering seasons and special period’s list, seasons, special period check box is checked from the options to define.

03-How to introduce the season room prices
• The prices are entered from low week days according to high week days from season room prices list section

04-How to identify the validity definition for web - corporate - agency in seasons room prices 
• Publish on web check box is checked from seasons room prices list section to include or exclude. If the check box is marked "the related season is applicable for web / corporate/ agent”. If the check box is unmarked " the related season is non-applicable for web / corporate/ agent”.

05-How to introduce the cancel - booking - web policies for seasons room prices 
• Respective policy is entered and the check box is checked from policy options of season room prices list to include or exclude.

06-How to see the change records of the seasons room prices
• It can be inspected from season room prices list / season price change history section, the changes in this section are recorded.