Reservation Videos, Hotel Program HotelSilverlight

Making a single or group reservation at the front desk with HotelSilverlight is as simple as drawing it to reservation table interface. By using this fast booking form, you can do it quickly or enter the details to the suitable reservation records and control the content completely. Adding multiple roommates, making reservations for different date ranges for different room types of rooms or meeting the special demands of a group and similar features are incredibly simple. It gets even easier to add and update with click and change principle.

01-How to make a new reservation?
Making a new reservation is as simple as drawing reservation table interface.
Enter guests’ information by selecting one of the current packages and confirm reservations in seconds.

02-How to make fast group reservation?
Enter the reservation screen by drawing table interface, determine the number of rooms to reserve rooms simultaneously with the current package price options.
It automatically updates room prices and applies taxes according to availability.

03-How to enter group owner information?
A group owner can be a corporate or individual travel agent depending on the owner of a group.
Appropriate package prices are displayed with corporate discounts depending on the group owner. Travel agency commissions are automatically applied and calculated in accordance with the contract and policies.

04.1-How to change the amount of deposit?
Amount of the deposit is automatically calculated in the reservation operations according to the hotel policy. You can change the reservation type and the amount of the deposit in the edit section.

04.2-How to get deposit and record it in an account?
It is selected as taken from deposit type and it is recorded by entering the information like deposit payment type, the date. Deposit taken is automatically recorded in the guest’s account.

05-How to keep track of overbooking?
You can keep track of overbooking and the guests you want to hold in reserve separately.

06-How to make no show operation?
No-show operation is performed for the guests who do not come; calculations are made according to the hotel's policy.

07-How to cancel reservations?
Cancel operation is performed for canceled reservations; calculations are made according to the hotel's policy.

08-How to print confirmation card?
It is used for guests to be booked, it can be given to the guest by printing it out or sending an e-mail.

09-How do I make changes in an existing reservation?
Existing reservation is opened by right clicking on the book record.
All the information of book record can be edited, all kinds of amendment made on the duration of stay, the number of the people sharing the room, more than one guest profile, packages, room type, availability status, the services included in the package automatically re-calculates the reservation amount and the taxes.

10-How to change the duration of stay?
You can change the duration of stay by clicking on them or by extending the reservation table thanks to easy to use click and change principle which is available in the general layout of the system
All the changes to be made in reservation amount, taxes, and so on are updated in accordance with the current principles and availability status in the determination of amounts of the services included in the package price.

11-How to group the bookings made visually?
You give the desired color standard to your guests by using categorize - show as sections in accordance with the category and type. You can make queries and takes lists based on the colors you have given.

12-How to keep track of daily use operations?
Make special entries for guests staying at the hotel daily before checking in the room, follow their accounts separately.

13-How to use booking options?
It is used to filter the options on the booking screen, you can choose to query the operations appropriate to the desired options or you can reach guest reservation record by typing the name of a specific customer.
You can make reservation entries to the rooms, however this entry fields can be used in proportion with the number of the rooms in your hotel, reservations more than the hotel rooms cannot be made, if you want to do it, the number of the rooms for overbooking must be determined, program directs you for overbooking operation, it eliminates the risk of making a mistake.