Hotel Management System, Detail Videos

"Detail" option is selected on the right-click menu of guest register; you can perform guest details operations by selecting one of the options from guest operations menu consisting of four sections.

01-Where to enter the guest detail information?
The details like general information, address, passport / ID, credit cards, arrival and departure, black list, guest requests can be entered from guest details section.

02-How to add credit card information?
More than one credit card can be added to the reservation records as a guarantee or deposit.

03-How to add arrival / departure information?
You can specify the guests arrival / departure information and services to be used for transportation services, you can receive lists.

04-Where to enter guest accounts?
Go to account details section and the accounts can be recorded.

05-How to perform tax-exempt operations of guest accounts?
Go to account details section and tax exempt operations are made.
Also, tax exempt can be made from room rate and extra services section.

06-What is guest scheduled tasks used for, how to use if wanted to?
“Guest scheduled tasks” is used for planning for guests and note entries.

07-What is “extra services”? How to use it?
Extra services are introduced before for the different service types given by the hotel, pictures are added, if any, additional charges will be entered, any services wanted by the customer is provided with drag and drop principle in this section. Example: It allows you to keep track of paid/unpaid services in different ranges of date for all kinds of service from taxi fee, if any, parking fees, additional switches, to umbrella, newspaper, notebook and adapter. If any, the service fees are accounted in night audit.

08-How to take payments?
Right click on the booking record and select payment to manipulate payments.
Choose one way of the appropriate way of payments that appear on the screen as determined by your hotel and take the payment with just a few.
Payments section is a section which presents extensive options regarding the current room account punctually, dividing bills, unlimited regulation of fees in different ways, creating tolerances and unlimited number of folios.

09-How to add / change package prices?
Apply more than a package belonging a reservation just by clicking on them even personalize the packages and enter different room prices for each day throughout the duration of stay. All the calculations that apply to tariffs and taxes according to the period, week, and availability are automatically managed through the system. Also, the amounts reserved for food, carriage and similar services included in the price are managed on the system with the records to be made to the respective department on suitable dates.

10-How do i change the accomodation dates?
You can change the duration of stay by clicking on them or by extending the drawing of table interface thanks to easy to use click and change principle which is available in the general layout of the system.
All the changes to be made in reservation amount, taxes, and so on are updated in accordance with the current principles and availability status in the determination of rates, amounts of the services included in the package price.

11-How to add the ones who share a room?
HotelSilverlight supports more than one guest profile for reservation covering all the guests from children to adults.
Each person to share our divides or does not divide the payment of the room depending on their wish. Foils are automatically organized according to these settings.

12-How to add / remove a room to a group?
Add the room by using group booking records in an existing group or right click to remove. Current rates are applied on the system and total amounts and taxes of the reservation will be updated instantly.