Hotel Software Frequently asked questions

01-How can I start using HotelSilverlight?
Register now and start using it within 5 min.
15-day trial period will help you know HotelSilverlight, understand the features of the program closely and answer any questions you have.
You will get the chance to know the program without paying for installation costs, software costs, training costs, technical support cost.
02-Which software do I need to install?
HotelSilverlight is a web based solution. There is no need for any additional software. HotelSilverlight runs on the internet. All you need is a web browser.
03-What kind of computer is recommended to be used?
Any desktop or your personal computer supporting 1280x1024 resolution with internet connection will work!. There are opportunities for 3D graphics and video playback in Microsoft Windows programs, for enjoying the program more with this technology that enables highly visual interface, it is recommended to use touchscreen and 19 "and above monitor.
04-Do I need any trainings?
The program is designed as simple and intuitive as possible. It is really easy to learn HotelSilverlight on your own. Therefore, training in general is not necessary. If there are any questions, comprehensive video-assisted help functions are available. There are approximately 160 help videos.
We have various ‘how-to’ videos, each for approximately one minute, to get one started from the front desk. You can watch these videos on our website. What's more, live support, ready right now, helps the hotel staff in the middle of a work. He can help you in real time and he will guide you on that subject to do the work. There are 10 videos to allow the user to start using the program immediately. You can start to use the program immediately by means of this video. There are 83 videos prepared for front desk and 77 videos for admin panel to be able to use the program with its most detailed features. They are prepared with subject headings in a short, concise way that will not bore the viewer.
05-Do you provide customized training or on site trainings?
Even though HotelSilverlight is a system that is easy to use and can be self taught, we provide the jumpstart training you may need by means of personalized training and help. We can provide personalized training programs that can be organized suitable for your needs, onsite at your hotel at an hourly fee of $ 30. Also, full-time, on-site staff support can be provided at an hourly fee of $ 20. Travel costs of the trainer are added to the charges and accommodation is provided by you.
06-How can I make online reservation with you online reservation module?
Integrated online booking engine is an integral part of HotelSilverlight service. Internet booking engine updates the availability and room status for your web visitors to the very minute and it enables you take approved reservations from your web site. Reservations made on your web site are approved and instantly appear in the reservation table at the front desk. An approval e-mail is sent to the visitor, and a copy is recorded in the hotel system. The booking itself will appear instantly in the hotel management system. Also, online booking enables you to serve the rooms with more than one package and even it enables your internet visitors to customize their bookings by choosing a special service provided by you. The guests staying in the hotel excluding the ones connecting outside or customers like agency / corporate / group etc. can use online booking module by creating their own login accounts.
07-Do I pay for online reservation module?
No, no additional payment is done.
It is included in the package is purchased, it can be used without paying any additional charges, you can customize it by connecting from your website. Booking engine (Booking) runs integrated with HotelSilverlight.
08-Do I need to make extra payment for POS (Sales) terminals?
No, no additional payment is done.
It It is included in the package purchased; you can create limitless number of sales terminal at no cost. You will own a program running integrated with suppliers offer letter operations, purchasing and inventory operations, entered inventories, creating stocks, prescription actions, instant inventory reduction and you will be able to follow real inventory controls.
09-Do I need to pay for live support?
It There is no setup fee or other hidden charges, specified pricing table includes free 7/24 support and software updates.
10-Can I have access to HotelSilverlight everywhere and every time?
HotelSilverlight "cloud server" and "SaaS" Software as a Service has a system that can be used worldwide. It is as easy as entering any Hotmail or Gmail account. HotelSilverlight enables you to reach your hotel management system everywhere, at home, from your office, abroad even on the road. The only thing you need is internet connected computer, user name and password information.
11-What kind of internet connection do I need?
Any kind of internet connection will work; a high-speed connection is always to be preferred.
If Internet connection is still not safe and secure for you, what can be done?
It is important to examine new technologies on this issue. Fiber Internet is the world's fastest Internet access technology. You can share even the largest files within seconds by means of fiber internet speed offered in just a few countries in the world.
While ADSL and VDSL try to connect to the Internet via old telephone cables, fiber internet connects the internet via fiber optic cables through which the rays pass. Fiber is a service which enables to access internet of very high-speed broadband. In its Infrastructure, fiber optic cables are used. Fiber optic cables, differently from copper cables, transfer information not by electrical signals but rays. So it transfers more information, at much higher speeds, to very long distances without interruption.
Your internet connection will work at the speed of light by means of fiber internet service which can reach 1000 Mb per second. It is also possible to use the Internet without interruption by means of a USB modem support with USB input. You can easily connect the internet at 3G speed anywhere without interruption by means of this device installed in USB connection of your laptop or desktop.
12-How the data will be safe while swimming around in the cloud?
HotelSilverlight creates a copy of your data on the two different servers at the same time. In case the current active server is unable to give service, becomes inactive or the database breaks down due to any reasons, it continues to access and service with a database on a backup server so you data is more secure with us.
The concept of cloud-based computing usually increases fears, your concerns on how the data is secure while floating around the cloud may arise, HotelSilverlight hotel management system has a lot to support it. Data security is becoming safer with Silverlight web service technology. Strict measures are taken to guarantee that the customer data is well protected. Data backup, network connection, virus protection, access control, and similar operations are manages with service providers created by IT experts.
13-Can I transfer the data of my current customers?
Of course, you can transfer all guest information to HotelSilverlight. You can get the information required to transfer by contacting from the address mailto:
14-Can I find the data of the customers from the archive and transfer them to a new Res.?
Yes, you never need to enter the same information twice with HotelSilverlight. When you enter the initial letters of the guest name, last name, phone number, city of residence or guest ID card number, the system instantly starts to work and seek to find past records that correspond to your search.. It operates in the same way for the travel agencies and corporate customer profiles you work with.
15-Is there a user/terminal limit on the program?
There is no user limitation; you can use the program with the number of the users / terminals needed
16-Is the program limited according to the size of the hotel?
The program is developed to manage small, medium and large scale hotels easily.
There is no size limit of the program.
17-When the room number is changed, do I need to do something?
You do not need to do anything when the number of rooms change, you can add or remove rooms in desired numbers.
18-How is program update made?
You do not need to do anything for program updates; the program is located in only one center, so you'll be immediately using the innovations made on the program..
19-What can I do if the system(s) using HotelSilverlight lives a virus problem or collapses?
As HotelSilverlight is a hosted solution, your the data is well protected. You can reach your data from any computer with a connection to the internet again and stay online.
20-Is there any way to print all the files of check-in and check-out?
You have the option of printing all check-in and check-out transactions during the night audit. HotelSilverlight enables you to list the files in multiple ways and record the activities on the files dynamically. At the same time the reports resulting from the transactions at night audit are regularly sent to an e-mail address specially designated for night audit process, so wherever you are, automatic status reports will be transferred from your hotel to you.
21-How does night audit run?
Night Audit will close the current days accounting, transactions & operations, and let you start the new days accounting and operations. It is an important feature to streamline the work flow and for smooth operations of a Hotel Property. Night audit operation can be arranged according to the preference of the hotel.
All reservation discrepancies get checked and get listed for user action. Example, current days pending check-outs get listed for extension of stay, or for checking out. Folios get automatically generated (can be done manually as well) for Check-outs and No-Shows. All charges for the next day get posted and the allowances for the package inclusions are posted. All charges transferred to the room from different POS’s are posted on the Guest Statement of Accounts, or get consumed against the Allowances. Any extra charge posted on the Guest Account Statement due to human error gets rectified. Example, if Breakfast is charged, even though the room charge is breakfast inclusive, Night Audit corrects this by making a counter entry for the same. All discounts get applied, and this results in the package loss or package profit calculations. Housekeeping status gets changed to Dirty, Touch-up or Inspect, as per the room status being Occupied, Available or Checked out. This happens whichever way you have set it in the Admin console. The Cash Counters can be closed, and money can be withdrawn from them. Date rollover happens. In other words, the active date of working changes over to the next day while the current days account get locked. The Night Audit process ends with the reports for the day (called Night Audit Reports), that summarize the transactions and the resulting collections for the day. You pre-decided scenario is applies to change the room status as dirty, to be cleaned so on depending on being occupied, available or checked out.
22-Can I operate HotelSilverlight on my own server?
We can transfer the software to your own server. It creates installation, support, update and maintenance costs. On-site installation starts from $ 10,000. For more information, please send us your hotel details, we will be glad to help you.
23-What about browser compatibility? Which browsers are supported?
HotelSilverlight can be used on;
Windows Operating System
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer 7 ve 8
Opera Yandex
24-Does it have language assistance?
The program is designed on international basis and it is typed in English-based language.It also has its Turkish version. It is designed with multi language help support. It can be used with multiple languages within the same hotel. (User choice) When one of the users uses the program in English, at the same time, the other a user can get language support for Turkish or another language.or vica versa. It is possible to use the program with more than one language at the same time.
25-What is covered in HotelSilverlight content?
Cube Menu:
Hotel Activities
Personnel job regulatory
Hotel Photo Gallery
Guest Check in / Check out Information (Animation)

Front desk program:
Booking operations
Check-in operations
Check-out operations
Yield Management
Housekeeping operations
Hotel ledger
Cash Counter operations
Night audit operations
Audit trails

POS operations:
POS settlement plan
Restaurant operations
Spa operations
Gift shop
Travel desk

POS inventory control operations
Suppliers (Offer request/ purchase operations)
Purchase order operations
Suppliers materials check in operations
Creating products from the entered inventories
Prescription operations
Instant inventory reduction in pos operations
Inventory input operations
Inventory output operations

Booking engine:
General booking program
Reservation application for guests in house
Reservation application for agency / corporation / group

Admin console:
Hotel Information
The program's default settings
Agency / corporate / group operations
User operations
Product Promotion operations
Room types
Room descriptions and amenities
Seasonal room rates and policies
Package room rates and policies
Web reservation admin
Various definitions etc. used in the program.

Diagram : For Management Schemes and similar operations
You can follow up the guest evaluations to check your hotel's prolificacy.
Survey management software module works integrated in HotelSilverlight.
In the case of activating this application an automatic survey mail is sent to your guests who checked out from your hotel.
It's usage is designed quite simple and won't exhaust your guests with it's enjoyable and short making. Surveys are completed and sent to the hotel's system.
Those evaluations are automatically calculated on the cloud system and viewed on the Hotelsilverlight.
There are different modules to have a detailed information of the guests' evaluations and to view them in the software.
26-What is the price to use HotelSilverlight?
You can only pay according to the rate and period that you use the program.
Below is the subscription options that are available on our website for HotelSilverlight subscription
Plan 1*
The prices that is as low as 10 ¢ "Per rented room per night" You pay us when you receive your payment, you do not pay any fee for vacant rooms. If your system use is for 10 rooms booked per night for the month, the monthly subscription fee will be only 2.5 dollars. You should buy nothing in advance and you do not have to sign a long-term contract you do not have to commit anything. Thanks to the unique design road map of HotelSilverlight, you gain a system with a high potential including the management of all the critical aspects of the hospitality industry in a real sense.
Plan 2
Fixed using fee starting from $ 2"Per room per month”. An expected pricing offering you everything you need. With this package, you can control cash flow and you can balance your monthly expense with your monthly income by making monthly payments.
Plan 3
"One time payment" Make your payment at one time with the prices starting from $ 500 and do not pay anything else to use the system. You may continue to receive service by paying 20% contract fee as the cost of server maintenance and support fee one year after. This plan provides a great advantage in the long term.
Plan 4
""Running the Software on your own server or using it as a desktop application" software is transferred to your server. It creates installation, support, update and maintenance costs. On-site installation starts from $ 10,000.
(Sql. and other software licenses charges will be added to the price separately.) You can choose the best option among various ones for your hotel by visiting
27-Can I transfer reporting operations to Excel or PDF files?
HotelSilverlight has got advanced reporting features. It is possible to create lists of different combinations in the reporting operations and you can transfer these report to Excel, PDF etc. files.
28-How can I customize hotel invoice? What kind of assistance do you provide?
You can arrange the pattern of the invoice according to your hotel or you can get assistance for invoice design from our company at no cost, you can make fast and rapid changes on your invoice sample.
29-What should I consider about user name and password changes?
Choose user names that you can remember easily.
Do not use the letters or characters specific to your country considering that you might use the program in other countries. Otherwise it is not going to be possible for you to reach the hotel management system.