Cloud P.M.S. HotelSilverlight, Agency Company Videos

01-How to enter Agency-Company records
• It is the section where the records of the contracted customers like agency/ company/ groups are entered.

02-How to enter Credit Card Information 
• It is the section where the credit card information and the billing date of the contracted customers are entered.

03-How to enter Credit Limit and commission - discount rates
• Commission / discount information is entered in this section.

04-How to enter sales criteria based on the amount for commission - discounts
• Commission / discounts can be determined according to certain amounts and periods of time.

05-How to enter sales points commission - discount details 
• If available, commission / discount information of the customer can be enter from POS machines as well.

06-How to enter periods of time agreed in a contract
• The validity periods of contract throughout the year for the customers is entered in this section.

07-How to make user identification for reservation program
• Log-in approval process for web reservation program users to use the reservation program is done in this section.

08-How to make the approval of the user log-in approval for reservation program 
• After the registered users enter their e-mail addresses, they perform the process for log-in confirmation code to enter the program by using the e-mail section, then log-in confirmation code is sent to their e-mail addresses; by using this code, the user can use the web reservation program everywhere he likes.