Hotel Program, Web Applications Detail Videos

01-How to make web booking settings?
It is made by entering web-reservation settings program from Web Manager menu. The information such as room types, minimum number rooms to apply for the web sales, minimum and maximum room occupancy rates, etc. are entered in this section.

02- How to make restriction between the periods of time (such as arrival / departure, availability) for web booking?
Required restriction type and date ranges are entered from Web Restrictions list section.

03-How to identify the criteria for the minimum number of night for web reservation sales?
Minimum numbers of night can be entered to be valid in the periods of time from Minimum Bookable list section.

04-How to edit Web reservation messages?
Web reservation messages are closed for editing; only image / pdf entries can be made to personalize image / pdf entries.

05-What to do to use HotelSilverlight web reservation program on my own webpage?
You can use the embed code prepared for the reservation page of your hotel in Web reservation settings / web reservation embed code section.

06-How do the guests staying at the hotel use web reservation program?
For the guests staying at the hotel to use the reservation program, login confirmation operation is performed with guests in house / login details option in check-in section.