Hotel Software HotelSilverlight, Room Details

01- How to identify the room types
• The identifications of room types of the hotel like single room or double room etc. are made in this section

02- How to organize the detailed information according to room types 
• You can enter the information like total number of the room types, overbooking limit, minimum, maximum and additional bed number, minimum price, maximum price, explanation, picture, ordering, status.

03- How to identify overbooking according to room types
• Room type is chosen, maximum overbooking limit is entered in the overbooking column.

04- How to identify reservation types like daily use in reservation section 
• Room type is chosen, respective guest room column is chosen, the sign on check box is removed. If the check box is signed, this room type is “a room type connected to a room”. If the check box is not signed, this room type is only used as operation type in the reservation section.

05- How activate or passivize room types 
• Room type is chosen, respective status column is chosen, and the sign on the check box is removed. If the check box is signed, this room type is “an active room”. If the check box is not signed, this room type is an inactive room.

06- How to identify the tax type according to room types
• They are identified from " room tax list" section, then “applicable tax(es)" related to the room type from the options from "room types list", “room properties" sections is chosen.

07- How to enter the amenities and properties given in the room types
• Room amenities are entered from amenities and features list section. Amenities can be determined by transferring the room features from room types list, room properties, amenities sections to the respective room types.

08- How enter bulk room check in 
• You can arrange the rooms of the hotel in bulk. You can identify the automatic bulk rooms by using room generate option from room types list, making the desired name arrangement and checking the status check box.

09- How to identify rooms
• You can enter the new room identifications, block, floor and other detailed information or you make changes on the current rooms that are automatically created from rooms sections.

10- How to identify connected rooms 
• The connections between the rooms can be made by using the connection rooms option from rooms section.

11- How to identify the features of the rooms 
• Room features are entered from Amenities and features list section. The information regarding the rooms are identified with room feature options from room features section.

12- How to identify gender based rooms or special rooms
• Gender based room type. Some hotels may arrange rooms with special features according to gender. You can identify such rooms in this section or you can create rooms with various features by entering the validity date or seasonal information.

13- How to arrange the order of displaying the rooms in the screen
• In the main screen where you can find the rooms, you can order the rooms according to your type of use. Room orders can be arranged with sort order option from rooms section.