Check-in Check-out Operations Videos, Hotel Program

Making a single or group check-in at the front desk with HotelSilverlight is as simple as drawing it to reservation table interface. By using this fast check-in form, you can do it quickly or enter the details to the suitable check in records and control the content completely. Adding multiple roommates, checking in for different date ranges for different types of rooms or meeting the special demands of a group and similar features are incredibly simple. It gets even easier to add and update with click and change principle.

01-What must be the status of the room to check-in, why?
The system will automatically check the status of the room to avoid checking in the rooms that are not available. Check-in can be made for only "available and clean” rooms.

02-How to make the reserved check-in operation?
Check-in is completed by dropping the guest record in the reservation section on the respective room in the check-in section with drag and drop operation

03-How to check-in without reservation?
Drag and drop the respective periods of time on the room and enter the information.

04-How to check-in the groups?
You can collectively check in the booked records with quick group check-in function or you can check in the guests to the rooms with drag and drop operation visually as you wish, you can arrange the settlement of the rooms with the desired criteria.

05-How to make a change on a record already checked-in?
Existing check-in record can be opened by clicking on it.
All the information on the check in record can be edited, all kinds of amendment made on the duration of stay, the number of the people sharing the room, more than one guest profile, packages, room type, availability status, the services included in the package automatically re-calculates the reservation amount and the taxes

06-Overview of the checked-in guest and operation details
You can monitor the information or checked-in guests such as guest type, agent / corporate, name, last name, room type, room number, check-in type, arrival and departure dates, number of nights to stay, information to use the web booking program and you can examine them by grouping.

06.1-How to classify guests individually and collectively?
Classification by colorizing or grouping as VIP, occupation, temporary, blacklist

06.2-How to access collective guest information?
How to access collective guest information?

06.3-How to perform the user login operations for web booking?
The program is prepared to let the guests at the hotel use the reservation program. Reservation program user login confirmation operations are performed in this section.

07-How to add an extra bed?
Extra bed or child bedstead is added on the guest record from room rates / add-ons operations with drag and drop principle. The number of beds can be determined according to room type. Where needed, the number of days to provide the extra bed either throughout the stay or in different periods during the stay can be controlled easily.

08-How to make the room change? (on the same day)
HotelSilverlight gives opportunity for check-in changes to be made for all types of rooms.

09-How to make the room change? (during the period of stay)?
HotelSilverlight gives opportunity for check-in changes to be made for all types of rooms, a check in record already made can be divided into different rooms easily.
All applicable tariffs and the prices to be included in the rate and the taxes are automatically re-calculated according to the current package prices.

10-How to use check-in / check-out filter options?
It is used to filter options on Check-in / Check-out screen, you can choose to query the operations appropriate to the desired options or you can reach guest reservation record by typing the name of a specific customer.
You can do check-in / check-out operations in this section rooms.
You can filter a room with a desired feature from the options. For Example: You can group only clean rooms, you quickly query the rooms in different options like smoking / non-smoking, ground floor, mezzanine floor or upstairs, close / far from the elevator according to the amenities of the selected room comfort, according to the selected type of room, and you can quickly perform check-in operations.

11-How to take payments?
Right click on the reservation to access your account details and close the accounts of all purchases and expenses.
Prepare foil / invoices with the options of cash, credit card, hotel registry book, check and so on and close the accounts.

12-Overview of check out operations
Go payment / check-out section with easy to use right click menu on the table, complete the payment operations and finalize check-out.
Connect the accounts on multiple integrated interface and use the options to perform the complex foil / billing operations with ease and close the accounts.

12.1-Room check-out operations
Drop the room in the animated check-out box with drag-and-drop technique and complete the check-out operations.

12.2-Guest check-out operations
Drop any of the guests in the room in the animated check-out box with drag-and-drop technique and complete the check-out operations. Do not worry about the payment status of the staying, let the program update it; do not waste your time with this kind of work.

12.3-Collective check-out operations
You can change the duration of stay by clicking on them or by extending the reservation table thanks to easy to use click and change principle which is available in the general layout of the system.
All the changes to be made in reservation amount, taxes, and so on are updated in accordance with the current principles and availability status in the determination of amounts of the services included in the package price.