Hotel Informations, Hotel Program HotelSilverlight

01-How to enter hotel information and company information
• Hotel information, logo and the photos can be uploaded on the hotel information section, you can add the pictures to be used for the introduction of the hotel on the hotel photo gallery section, you can add pictures to be used for web reservation on hotel web photo gallery section and the information of the company belonging to the hotel can be added on company billing address section.

02-How to identify the default currency and the currency for the rooms 
• Two options are provided in the currency used by the hotel; it is possible to follow the currency of the room prices and the other services separately.

03-How to add arrival / departure information?
You can specify the guests arrival / departure information and services to be used for transportation services, you can receive lists.

04-How to edit the high price and low price days for hotel room fees
• You can set the room fees by the days of the week, calculations according to the days of the week are made for room charges of reservations made for the customers.

05-How to identify check-in and check-out times 
• It is important to determine the check-in time of your hotel, the policies of early check-in, early check-out, late check-out, no show, cancellation in the next steps work according to that time.

06-How to identify children and free of charge children age limits
• The limitations of children's age decided by the hotel are entered from this section.

07-How to enter Agency Commission and general discount rate for companies
• The overall rates for the agency and companies are entered in this section.

08-How indentify tax included - excluded terms for the fees 
• Costs of services given including or excluding the tax are determined in this section.

09-Where change the night audit time
• The program gives separate warning for night audit operations according to the hour you enter.

10-How to edit housekeeping settings 
• The program automatically changes the room status in accordance with the policies you determine in night audit operations

11-How to edit the e-mail message settings and e-mail configuration settings 
• E-mail messages (booking, web bookings and cancelled bookings) are organized in this section. The information of your hotel like SMTP host, user name, password, SMTP port is entered in this section.

12-How to edit reservation - foil - check-in - check-out messages of the hotel
• Bill message list, Booking foil, check-in, check-out messages are organized in this section.

13-How make the introductions of the guest service - product presentation (name, description, price, currency, accounting code, tax and image upload)
• POS products are entered in this section. The entire products used in the hotel program are classified to be entered in this section. Definitions of certain groups have been completed in advance. Entrance of the needed products must be made depending on the respective groupings. You can enter and arrange all the details related to products as needed. "Product name (name):" name of the product must be entered. "Product Description (description):" You can enter a description of the product. "Price of the product (price):" Price of the product is entered, if these definitions are made, the prices are automatically transferred in further entries to the program. "The currency of the product (currency):" You can follow the product in any currencies; these currencies are calculated automatically to be converted to the local currency in further entries to the program. "Account code (account code):" If the respective accounting code is entered, the output data in excel format prepared to ensure the billing integration to accounting programs can be taken.